Shubh Yatra Railway Points and PNR Status

Published: 03rd August 2011
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Are you a frequent traveler by Indian Railways? If yes, have you subscribed to the Shubh Yatra or the Railway Card online at the IRCTC website? Get registered for the same and start earning points every time you travel! Those who travel by 1st Class AC, 2nd Class AC, Executive Chair Car and AC Chair Car are entitled to earn redeem points. Once a minimum of 500 Railway Points has been accumulated, you can redeem them for free railway tickets at the IRCTC official site. And if you are an SBI railway card holder, you can avail exclusive benefits starting from getting up to 10 percent on AC ticket, earning of 1 SBI railway point for every Rs. 125 spent to free personal accident protection of Rs. 10 lakh, tanking up at any petrol pump with 0 percent fuel surcharge, and 0 percent transaction charges. Donít you gain a competitive advantage? Shubh Yatra benefits can be availed only with booking of railway tickets on any of the aforesaid classes at the IRCTC official website.

If transactions happen through vouchers or if you are availing tickets on concession, you will not be entitled to earn railway points. Points get awarded on full ticket individual fare; these get accrued to your account five days after the date of your journey. This is not applicable for cancelled tickets. Registration charge for Shubh Yatra at the IRCTC site is Rs. 500 for a year. The membership has to be renewed every year and the renewal fee is Rs. 300 excluding taxes and transaction charges. The points are valid for a period of 3 years from the date of the memberís registration at IRCTC.

So, you donít have a confirmed railway ticket. How do you check your PNR status at the IRCTC website? Well, you can get the status with just a click of the mouse. Just visit the desired page, enter the 10 digit number in the given space and click on the Ďsubmití button. The up-to-the-minute PNR Status gets immediately displayed; such is the advancement of the search tool utilized at the IRCTC website. Other alternative methods to find out your PNR status are via SMS or phone. SMS the 10 digit ticket number to 139. If you want to know your PNR status by phone, all you need to do is dial 139 from a BSNL or MTNL phone and enter your ticket number.

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