Scheme for Waitlisted Passengers and Booking of I-Ticket

Published: 01st June 2011
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Are you aware of certain schemes and benefits introduced by Indian Railways from time to time? If not, visit its official website; here you will come across the A-Z of information related to Indian Railways. You cannot always expect a confirmed seat when you do your Indian Railways reservation unless you go for advanced bookings. There is good news for all who need to book at the eleventh hour or ‘not on time’ and find their tickets under ‘waiting list’. Yes, there is good news for all waitlisted passengers of Indian Railways. Go through the ‘Upgraded Passenger List’ in its official website to know in detail about the scheme, introduced to benefit not only waitlisted passengers but also Indian Railways in terms of filling up vacant accommodation. As per the scheme, waitlisted passengers can upgrade to the next higher class against the available vacant accommodation for full fare for the said class. Passengers thus stay benefited; though an extra amount of money needs to be paid yet they gain a competitive advantage – they need not cancel their booking and stay away from travel related hassles associated with unconfirmed seats. Go for this scheme in case your Indian Railways reservation does not assure you a confirmed seat!

There are various modes of getting the Indian Railways reservation done. It can be by standing in queue at the ticket counter at the railway stations, booking via an agent, booking at a travel portal or buying an i-ticket/e-ticket, etc. at the IRCTC website. If you want to get an i-ticket, visit the Indian Railways reservation page at the IRCTC website. As you search for trains and as you select your desired train, do confirm before you book if the train name and the station names displayed on the top of the page are same as desired by you.

Now, how do you proceed for the i-ticket Indian Railways reservation? The complete process is easy. Enter your name, age, sex and berth preference. If it is more than one passenger, enter the aforesaid details of all passengers. Do remember that the maximum length of names is restricted to 15 characters. India Railways provides 30% discount to the base fare for senior citizen. For senior citizen i-ticket Indian Railways Reservation, click the box provided. There should be valid proof of age and the same in original should be carried while traveling for verification. Pay online to get the tickets.

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