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Published: 02nd June 2011
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When it is peak time for visiting places, i.e. when it is summer holidays in schools, parents usually take their children for vacationing to distant locations. Railway booking then takes place at a hypersonic pace. So, if you know beforehand about the approaching leaves from your office or holidays that your children or other members of the family will enjoy, get the Railway Booking done in advance. Otherwise there is no guarantee that you get confirmed seats. It is no surprise to find seats reserved two months ahead, especially during peak seasons. Of course, you will not want to spoil your trip only because of your carelessness. Do not rely on tatkal railways booking. You may get seats by chance but not always. A planned trip with advanced booking of transportation and accommodation always facilitates a wonderful vacationing ahead.

When we speak of vacationing, Indian Railways has introduced low cost train tickets as part of package to the advantage of the vacationers. Just visit the corporate site of India Railways or the IRCTC website; you will come across a list of all the train tickets under the respective packages. Here is a list of the same:

•Char Dham Yatra - Ex Haridwar for 10N/11D starting at Rs. 18900
•Matheran Holiday – 1D at Rs. 3149
•Ooty – 2N/3D at Rs. 3250
•Kodaikanal-Madurai for 2N/3D at Rs. 3250
•Hyderabad City for 1D at Rs. 700
•NMR Summer Special Train for 5 hours at Rs. 250
•Chennai-Kerala Houseboat Package for 5D/4N at Rs. 6350
•Kerala-Tirupati Balaji for 2N/1D at Rs. 2999
•Neral-Matheran Rail Tour for 1N/2D at Rs. 3149
•Madurai-Shirdi for 5N/5D at Rs. 5300
•Goa Special Charter for 5N/6D at Rs. 6250
•Allahabad-Varanasi-Gaya for 6N/7D at Rs. 6900.

If any of the aforesaid package suits your vacationing purpose, get the railway booking done immediately and get geared up for a fantastic trip ahead. You can also look for deals in train tickets at a travel portal.

Train Tickets can be either bought at the railway ticket counter or via agent or online. Do remember that if you buy an e-ticket confirmed through charting at originating station or at the previous remote location, it cannot be cancelled. The reimbursement of the said e-ticket gets processed through TDR. For other e-tickets, cancellation can happen up to 72 hours from the departure of the said train.

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